Tuesday links (7/15/14)

The State Ethics Commission is looking into a possible "conflict of interest" after Agawam police gave a ride home to a officer who was involved in a drunk driving accident instead of arresting her. At the time of the accident, the officer was on leave after having shot a pregnant woman in the face. Medical marijuana caregiver who is suing the state has some choice words for the Department of Public Health.

Dozens of journalist groups have criticized the Obama administration's tight controls on what information is released to the media, calling them a "form of censorship."

NSA whistleblower Bill Binney says the agency records at least 80% of all domestic phone calls.

At the heart of the border crisis is the war on drugs, which is responsible for much of the violence in Central America that has caused people to seek refuge in the US.

Video-recorded confessions can be misleading.