Ticket thrown out in Lexington police retaliation case

Earlier this year, Dr. Curtis Schondelmeyer took a picture of Lexington police officer John Frissore talking on the phone while he was supposed to be working a detail. He brought the picture to the police department to make a complaint. After he tried to complain, Frissore mailed him a $40 citation for impeded operation with a handheld device even though he was sitting in the passenger seat of his partner's vehicle when he took the picture. Fox 25 reports that the ticket was thrown out after Schondelmeyer challenged it in court:

What is most disturbing about this story isn't just that it happened, but that the department is continuing to stand behind the officer who retaliated against Schondelmeyer.

Later today, I will be sending the Lexington Police Department a public records request for Frissore's internal affairs file. I'm interested to see if he has a history of complaints.

I should also add that even though the ticket was thrown out, Schondelmeyer still would have had to pay a fee to get a court hearing, so Frissore still managed to cost him money (not to mention his time).