Thursday links (6/26/14)

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh to sign bill prohibiting police from holding suspected undocumented immigrants for the federal government's S-Comm program. Why it's important that SWAT teams in Massachusetts are transparent.

Speaking of SWAT teams, the Brookline police posted this advertisement for their SWAT team on Twitter the other day:

Radley Balko points out that "Brookline has a population of about 60,000, and as of 2012 hadn’t seen a murder in six years."

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled that police can force a suspect to decrypt their electronic devices without violating the Fifth Amendment.

The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that police cannot search a person's cellphone just because they've arrested that person, and must usually obtain a warrant.

The Supreme Court ruled against the internet service Aereo.

Newly released drone assassination memo points to another secret drone memo.