Thursday links (5/29/14)

The murder conviction for ex-FBI agent and "Whitey" Bulger associate John Connolly has been overturned on a technicality involving the statute of limitations:

A Worcester police officer shot at a knife-wielding man yesterday morning, but none of the shots hit him.

A federal appeals court has upheld the right of a New Hampshire woman to record police. New Hampshire is in the same district as Massachusetts, so this will likely be cited as precedent in future court cases here.

Edward Snowden unlikely to return to the US due to the legal threats against him by the US government. Snowden's lawyer says the only way he is likely to come back is if the government agrees to some sort of negotiated settlement.

The NSA rejects a FOIA request to protect Edward Snowden's privacy (!).

Obama plans to leave almost 10,000 troops in Afghanistan. Who will be the last person to die for a mistake?

Why new laws are an ineffective response to tragedies.