Thursday links (5/22/14)

The prosecutors for the Boston Marathon bombing case now say the bombs were so "sophisticated" that they "would have been difficult for the Tsarnaevs to fabricate successfully without training or assistance from others." The City of Oakland is looking into the pension of the FBI agent who killed Ibragim Todashev. Aaron McFarlane retired from the Oakland police and has been collecting a disability pension from Oakland despite now working for the FBI.

Why Somerville's mayor was smart to reject the federal "Secure Communities" deportation program.

The FBI has finally decided to start audio/video-recording interrogations of suspects, however, the policy only applies to interrogations conducted after a suspect has been formally arrested. The new policy also applies to the DEA, ATF, and US Marshals.

Newly released NSA memo says that the NSA plays a "critical supporting role... in key DEA operations."

Wednesday links (4/21/14)

Massachusetts police are citing and even arresting people with legal medical marijuana. Timothy Alben, the head of the state police, said police should "err on the side of caution and probably issue a criminal complaint" and let the courts sort it out if they encounter someone with marijuana. The mayor of Somerville will be signing an executive order barring the city from locking people up solely for the purpose of allowing federal agents to pick them up for suspected immigration violations.

Worcester's data about complaints against police officers understate how much police abuse actually happens.

New FBI boss still focused on making up fake terrorist plots, may make up fake criminal plots too.

Newly released documents show past government efforts to force gay people out of their jobs.

Why does the government have a hands-off list for certain terrorist supporters?

Video shows unprovoked killing of Palestinian teenagers by Israeli soldiers.