Monday links (6/30/14)

Massachusetts takes 10 steps backward on medical marijuana. Chelsea man dies after being tasered by police, possibly due to a drug overdose.

The Massachusetts State Police bomb squad says they've been extremely busy because people are now scared of backpacks.

The Department of Justice is already trying to find ways to get around the Supreme Court's warrant requirement to search cell phones.

The Supreme Court's ruling against Aereo is a disaster for the technology industry.

In 2007, the top manager in Iraq for Blackwater threatened to murder a State Department investigator who was looking into the company and the government responded by shutting down the investigation instead of holding the Blackwater manager accountable.

Friday links (6/20/14)

The Worcester county sheriff is taking eye scans of school children and putting them into a national database:

Massachusetts gubernatorial candidates are clueless and behind the times when it comes to marijuana reform.

The Boston police fusion center "spent countless hours compiling a glorified Occupy Boston calendar listing while totally overlooking actual terrorists actually about to bomb and kill."

The Supreme Court rules that the First Amendment protects government employees from retaliation when they testify in court about corruption.

The mainstream media failed us on Iraq then and continues to fail us now.