Wednesday links (8/6/14)

Why Springfield police should get dashboard-cameras. Lowell hired private investigators to spy on an ex-library aide who filed a legal claim against the city.

Judge says Worcester police illegally searched vehicle in cocaine bust.

Massachusetts is one of 15 states sharing drivers' images with a controversial CIA "terrorism" database.

How US policy is responsible for the influx of Central American migrants.

The sharing economy will only thrive if the government doesn't strangle it with regulations.

"Native advertising" troublingly blurs the line between journalism and advertisements.

Monday links (7/28/14)

The chief of the scandal-plagued physchiatric prison Bridgewater State Hospital has resigned at Governor Deval Patrick's request. The Massachusetts House of Represenatives has passed a law making it illegal for first responders to take and distribute photos of crime victims in light of a scandal where Chicopee police shared photos of a homicide victim's body.

Why weren't any lawmakers charged in the Probation Department corruption case?

DigBoston editor's open letter to journalists about marijuana prohibition.

Debunking myths about illegal immigration.

Sentor considers releasing the Senate's CIA torture report.

Monday links (7/7/14)

Defense attorneys question the appropriateness of the charges brought against several friends of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. DCF has been failing to comply with the Massachusetts public records law since it became the center of controversy.

Two recent federal court cases limit the detention of immigrants.

Just say no to the Olympics in Boston.

The NSA tracks 10 times as many people as it supposedly "targets."

Thursday links (7/3/14)

Debunking the myth that immigrants "steal" jobs. Seven reasons police brutality is systemic, not anecdotal.

The FBI can search the government's PRISM database for information that has nothing to do with terrorism, but claims to have no idea how many times it does so.

Newly released FBI report reveals connections between the 9/11 hijackers and Saudis who fled two weeks prior to the attacks, information that the FBI never passed on to the 9/11 Commission.

Friday links (5/30/14)

A federal court ruled that immigrants facing deportation in Massachusetts can't be held in jail indefinitely and must be given a bail hearing within six months. An Everett woman is suing the police department and an ambulance service, saying police used excessive force on her and the ambulance service did not provide adequate medical care.

The House has adopted a measure that would prevent the Justice Department from stopping states from implementing medical marijuana laws.

Emails show NSA officials discussing the best way to fend off FOIA requests.

John Kerry should "man up" and admit he was wrong about Edward Snowden.

Monday links (5/26/14)

New released documents show the Boston Police Department's "antiterrorism" fusion center obsessively documented the legal activities of Occupy Boston activists. The town of Marshfield finally lifts its 32-year ban on arcade games.

Don't reform the surveillance state, route around it.

The government has been cracking down on undocumented workers, then using them as a source of cheap labor while they're imprisoned.

The White House accidentally revealed the name of its top CIA official in Kabul, Afghanistan in an email to 6,000 journalists, however, the name has yet to be published by any news media outlets.

Wikileaks editor Julian Assange said that the US government is recording nearly all phone call in Afghanistan in a program similar to the one targeting the Bahamas.

Thursday links (5/22/14)

The prosecutors for the Boston Marathon bombing case now say the bombs were so "sophisticated" that they "would have been difficult for the Tsarnaevs to fabricate successfully without training or assistance from others." The City of Oakland is looking into the pension of the FBI agent who killed Ibragim Todashev. Aaron McFarlane retired from the Oakland police and has been collecting a disability pension from Oakland despite now working for the FBI.

Why Somerville's mayor was smart to reject the federal "Secure Communities" deportation program.

The FBI has finally decided to start audio/video-recording interrogations of suspects, however, the policy only applies to interrogations conducted after a suspect has been formally arrested. The new policy also applies to the DEA, ATF, and US Marshals.

Newly released NSA memo says that the NSA plays a "critical supporting role... in key DEA operations."

Wednesday links (4/21/14)

Massachusetts police are citing and even arresting people with legal medical marijuana. Timothy Alben, the head of the state police, said police should "err on the side of caution and probably issue a criminal complaint" and let the courts sort it out if they encounter someone with marijuana. The mayor of Somerville will be signing an executive order barring the city from locking people up solely for the purpose of allowing federal agents to pick them up for suspected immigration violations.

Worcester's data about complaints against police officers understate how much police abuse actually happens.

New FBI boss still focused on making up fake terrorist plots, may make up fake criminal plots too.

Newly released documents show past government efforts to force gay people out of their jobs.

Why does the government have a hands-off list for certain terrorist supporters?

Video shows unprovoked killing of Palestinian teenagers by Israeli soldiers.

Tuesday links (5/20/14)

Hospitals spent the most money on lobbying in Massachusetts during 2013. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court rules that defense attorneys must tell immigrant clients that deportation is "practically inevitable" if they plead guilty to a crime.

Report finds problems with care for people suffering from mental illness in Massachusetts.

The police shootouts that took place during the Boston Marathon bombing manhunt have led to an increase in mental health issues among Watertown's children.

Ibragim Todashev's killer: No wonder his identity was secret.

The NSA has been storing every phone call in the Bahamas.