Thursday links (6/12/14)

The Marijuana Policy Project is pushing to get legalization on the 2014 ballot in Massachusetts. National lawmakers rebuke the DEA for threatening Massachusetts doctors involved with medical marijuana.

Obama's visit to Worcester cost local taxpayers about $200,000.

Students rally against deportations during Obama's visit to Worcester.

Are school shootings "becoming the norm" in the United States? The data don't seem to support that conclusion.

The news organization MuckRock is suing the CIA over its refusal to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests.

Monday links (6/9/14)

The Boston Globe editorializes that the government's prosecution of Khairullozhon Matanov as part of the Boston Marathon bombing case looks "like a vindictive overreach." At least four more Massachusetts doctors involved with medical marijuana have been threatened by the DEA.

Activists occupy a vacant house in Boston and launch a pirate radio broadcast in protest against foreclosures and the lack of affordable housing.

Firefighters and ambulance crews in Tewksbury given anti-overdose medication to save lives.

A New Hampshire woman who was wrongfully arrested for recording police has been given a $57,500 settlement.

A Boston-based Vietnam veteran offers his perspective on the Bowe Bergdahl controversy.

Many of the claims you've probably been hearing about the five Gitmo detainees traded for Bowe Bergdahl are false.

Friday links (6/6/14)

The DEA is targeting doctors linked to Massachusetts-based medical marijuana groups. Board approves parole for a man convicted of murder as a juvenile for the first time since an SJC ruling earlier this year found life in prison without parole for juvenile murderers unconstitutional.

Massachusetts-based school uses electro-shock torture to control disabled children.

Here's a list of things we've learned over the past year thanks to Edward Snowden.

How the hacker and government informant "Sabu" orchestrated cyberattacks on Brazilian websites for the FBI.