Wednesday links (8/6/14)

Why Springfield police should get dashboard-cameras. Lowell hired private investigators to spy on an ex-library aide who filed a legal claim against the city.

Judge says Worcester police illegally searched vehicle in cocaine bust.

Massachusetts is one of 15 states sharing drivers' images with a controversial CIA "terrorism" database.

How US policy is responsible for the influx of Central American migrants.

The sharing economy will only thrive if the government doesn't strangle it with regulations.

"Native advertising" troublingly blurs the line between journalism and advertisements.

Monday links (7/28/14)

The chief of the scandal-plagued physchiatric prison Bridgewater State Hospital has resigned at Governor Deval Patrick's request. The Massachusetts House of Represenatives has passed a law making it illegal for first responders to take and distribute photos of crime victims in light of a scandal where Chicopee police shared photos of a homicide victim's body.

Why weren't any lawmakers charged in the Probation Department corruption case?

DigBoston editor's open letter to journalists about marijuana prohibition.

Debunking myths about illegal immigration.

Sentor considers releasing the Senate's CIA torture report.

Thursday links (6/12/14)

The Marijuana Policy Project is pushing to get legalization on the 2014 ballot in Massachusetts. National lawmakers rebuke the DEA for threatening Massachusetts doctors involved with medical marijuana.

Obama's visit to Worcester cost local taxpayers about $200,000.

Students rally against deportations during Obama's visit to Worcester.

Are school shootings "becoming the norm" in the United States? The data don't seem to support that conclusion.

The news organization MuckRock is suing the CIA over its refusal to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests.