Monday links (7/28/14)

The chief of the scandal-plagued physchiatric prison Bridgewater State Hospital has resigned at Governor Deval Patrick's request. The Massachusetts House of Represenatives has passed a law making it illegal for first responders to take and distribute photos of crime victims in light of a scandal where Chicopee police shared photos of a homicide victim's body.

Why weren't any lawmakers charged in the Probation Department corruption case?

DigBoston editor's open letter to journalists about marijuana prohibition.

Debunking myths about illegal immigration.

Sentor considers releasing the Senate's CIA torture report.

Monday links (7/14/14)

42% of Bostonians are skeptical of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's guilt in the Boston Marathon bombing attacks. ACLU files lawsuit against the federal government after "Joint Terrorism Task Force" officials harass 76-year-old professional photographer for taking pictures of a gas storage tank in Boston.

Report says prison officials are not qualified to run Bridgewater State Hospital and routinely violate the rights of the patients there.

Worcester police chief defends his decision to spend the past seven years trying to ensure a police officer he fired stays fired.

The Sun writes that NEMLEC's funding should be cut off if it contonues to comply with public records requests