No charges for “kill him dead” ex-cop

The East Windsor Police Department in Connecticut will not change their former officer, Doug Humphrey, over a post he made on his Facebook page advocating violence against a Chicopee, Massachusetts man. Just before Christmas, The Bay State Examiner covered the story of Charles Dirosa who the Chicopee police charged with a threat to commit a crime after he posted “Put Wings On Pigs” on his Facebook page. Dirosa later agreed to community service to have the charges wiped from his record.

The Bay State Examiner then broke the national news story about the former East Windsor, Connecticut police officer Doug Humphrey who called on his “law enforcement friends” to “kill [Dirosa] dead.”

“For any of my law enforcement friends who may not have seen this if this asshole approaches you kill him dead….” reads Humphrey's post, which has since been deleted.

Humphrey will not be facing the same consequences as Dirosa despite the fact that his post was far more explicit. “There will be no charges filed for Humphrey,” a spokesperson from the East Windsor Police Department confirmed.