Former Connecticut police officer publicly asks cop friends to kill man over Facebook post

Two days ago, the Chicopee Police Department announced they were seeking criminal charges against Charles Dirosa because he posted a Facebook status that read "Put Wings on Pigs." A man who identifies himself as a former police officer saw the news and made a public post on Facebook asking for his police officer friends to kill Dirosa. "For any of my law enforcement friends who may not have seen this if this asshole approaches you kill him dead...." Doug Humphrey's post reads.

Humphrey's profile states that he was previously employed by the East Windsor Police Department in Connecticut. It also states that he is currently the owner of Canine Cognition Services. According to the business's description on Thumbtack, "We provide dog training and behavior modification based on a scientific principle. We specialize in aggression issues. We have over 20 years of experience in training and handling police canines."

If Dirosa is facing a charge of threatening to commit a crime over a post as ambiguous as "Put Wings on Pigs," will Humphrey be charged with trying to incite violence over his far more explicit post?

Update (same day as original post): The East Windsor Police Department posted the following announcement on their Facebook page this evening:

The East Windsor Police Department has just been made aware of allegations involving a Mr. Doug Humphrey and his reported aggressive or seemingly violence provoking comments on a public Facebook page operated by the Chicopee, Massachusetts Police Department.

Mr. Humphrey voluntarily left employment with the Town of East Windsor more than 8 years ago for another law enforcement position in the State of Florida. His involvement with or any connection to the Town of East Windsor or the Police Department has been completely separated.

The reported comments made by Mr. Humphrey are his and his alone. He does not reflect the beliefs of the East Windsor Police Department, our culture of fair and equitable public service, our long earned trusted community member status, or thoughts of any individual members of this dedicated public safety agency.

We have absolutely no connection or association with Mr. Humphrey or his listed business, except that he is currently listed as a resident of the Town of East Windsor, and he may or may not draw some form of pension due to his past employment, many years ago.

The public and our community can be assured that this matter is being taken seriously. Before the East Windsor Police Department takes any official steps or actions we must ensure that an impartial and comprehensive investigation is completed. We must know all of the facts, determine if or what crime has occurred, and that we have jurisdiction to take formal action. The East Windsor Police Department will use all of its available resources and legal assistance to assure that this happens in a timely fashion.

Everyone should know that we, the East Windsor Police Department, do not tolerate this type of activity or beliefs, in any way. We would like to thank the community for promptly bringing this matter to our attention. We are taking this matter seriously and will work diligently for a successful conclusion.