Feds break up their own fake smuggling operation at Logan

Yesterday, the feds busted five airline workers at Logan Airport who apparently believed they were smuggling money on behalf of a drug dealer. In reality, the smuggling operation was fake. The money they were smuggling was given to them by an informant.

No drugs were actually sold, no cash was actually smuggled, and no one was hurt. These supposed crimes never would have occurred if the government hadn't deliberately coordinated them. As the lawyer for one of the men put it, "I think this is a situation where the government created a crime."

Think about the money and resources that went into coordinating this sting operation. Now add the cost of the trials for the five men. Now add in the cost of imprisoning these men for sentences that could add up to a century if they are all convicted and given the maximum sentence.

Last year, Boston police were only able to clear 16 of the 40 homicides in their jurisdiction -- less than half. Perhaps Boston would be safer if the resources spent by the feds to create fake smuggling rings were instead spent on solving real crimes with identifiable victims.