Examiner receives "privacy" complaint from police officer over YouTube video

Earlier this afternoon, The Bay State Examiner received a privacy complaint over a video hosted on YouTube. The video depicts Boston Police Lieutenant Detective Bernard E. Greene, Jr. (Badge #90) throwing Examiner reporter Maya out of the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office in Boston as she attempted to make a public records request (see here for more detailed info).

The email the Examiner received states that "[t]he information reported as violating privacy is at 5_10," which is the part of video the where Maya holds Greene's business card up to her camera.


YouTube's privacy policy states that privacy complaints from third parties are only allowed under certain limited circumstances, so it's very likely the complaint was made directly by Greene himself.

We are, at present, unsure of why a public official would feel that his privacy is being violated by having his face and business card, which he freely gave to us, in our video.

If YouTube removes our video, we will simply upload a copy of it to another host. Furthermore, you'll always be able to see Greene's picture and business card here on The Bay State Examiner website.

Lieutenant Detective Bernard E. Greene, Jr. (Badge #90)

Lt. Det. Greene's business card