In Boston, most murders go unsolved

The Boston Herald has just published a multi-part series exploring the issue of unsolved murders in Boston. The series takes an in-depth look at the data on murders during the ten-year period between 2004 and 2013. Here are a few highlights:

  • During this period, there were 628 murders in Boston, 336 of which went unsolved. That means only about 47% -- less than half -- of the city's murders were solved.

  • About 75% of the murders were committed with firearms, but firearms-related murders had a lower clearance rate than overall murders. Only about 37% of firearms-related murders were solved.

  • Black men were killed at a rate of more than 10 times that of white men, however, their murders were much less likely to be solved. Police solved about 79% of murders of white men, but only about 39% of murders of black men.

Read the entire Herald series here.