Bomb threat charge against Kevin Edson dropped

In a win for freedom of expression, the bomb threat charge against Kevin "Kayvon" Edson has been dropped. Edson was arrested on the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing when he was spotted walking around with a backpack with a rice cooker in it while shouting "Boston Strong." "Suffolk County district attorney’s spokesman Jake Wark said Tuesday that based on the evidence the state could not prove that Kevin Edson communicated a clear threat with an explosive device," the Associated Press reported.

Despite the sensational coverage the story has received, there have never been any allegations that Edson claimed to have a bomb or threatened anyone. Edson reportedly told police that his bizarre behavior was a piece of performance art. Some news reports claim he placed his bag on the ground like the Boston Marathon bombers, but this is contradicted by the police report on his arrest which indicated that he had possession of the bag until it was taken and blown up by police.

In an article published two days ago, Maya of The Bay State Examiner criticized the police for arresting Edson. "The Boston police have made a mighty power grab here, claiming and exercising the ability to arrest a citizen for free expression that they don’t like. If shouting while wearing a backpack is illegal, then most protests I’ve attended are also now illegal," she wrote.

Edson still faces charges of disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, disturbing a public assembly, and possession or use of a hoax device, which he has pleaded not guilty to.