The Bay State Examiner is an independent news organization focused primarily on issues of governmental abuse of power and lack of transparency. We investigate the power dynamics between the “public” and the “public servant” and test if our freedoms exist only on paper or if they can be exercised.

Our reporting style differs from the mainstream media in that we get directly involved with our subject matter and take a often adversarial role when dealing with public institutions when they are misbehaving. As George Orwell put it, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”

We publish interviews, articles, source documents, and videos. We provide analysis of news and policy as it relates to Massachusetts. We plan to launch a podcast to support the published content shortly.

The Examiner was founded in late 2013.


Maya Shaffer (Cofounder)

Maya Shaffer

Maya studied video production and English at Fitchburg State College graduating in 2010 with a degree in English Literature. Maya interned with Mill City Media / Fast Lights and LET22 and worked on a documentary film produced by Leslie College as well as writing, directing, and acting for numerous independent projects.

After college Maya produced independent videos and photos of the Occupy movement. After Occupy Maya became an organizer and cofounded the constitutional trolling group MassOps and promptly triggered an FBI investigation into cake.

After disrupting President Obama’s speech as part of a group blowing whistles in solidarity with whistleblowers Snowden and Manning Maya met with some very friendly Secret Service guys and realized that filming other people doing crazy political stunts may be less fun but it makes going to jail less likely.

Maya met BSE cofounder Andrew Quemere, who ran MassCopBlock at the time, after posting a video of Salem police demanding that she not exist in a public area. After a handful of stories, particularly the killing of veteran Denis Reynoso by the Lynn police, they felt should have been newsworthy received little or no press coverage they realized the need to launch an independent media platform.

That would be The Bay State Examiner…

At BSE Maya has focused on the video production side of the newsroom, and has shot many and edited most of the videos posted by BSE. She is now stepping up as BSE’s CEO.

Maya’s investigative reporting includes the lack of accountability in Lowell after Alyssa Brame died in Lowell police custody, surveillance issues, Boston police misconduct, NEMLEC, and the absurdity of the successful Fall River mayoral recall.

 Also Maya is epic enough to troll the P.O.T.U.S. IRL – MSM lvl up your game.